Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Post

I have been wanting to start this blog for a couple weeks now, but I think I chose the opportune time to start writing. I'm sitting here in front of my desktop, at 5:30 in the morning, reflecting on all the things that have been going on in my life the past few weeks and it blows my mind how life can throw so many unexpected things your way. I look back a month or so and I see myself at the lunch table in school, sitting next to my girlfriend and I remember how disappointed I was that I wasn't going to attend Ultra Music Festival on March 28 and 29. Then, I fast forward to today where I am thinking of how much I miss my now, ex-girlfriend and why the relationship didn't work out. On the other hand I can counteract those depressing thoughts with the memories of how incredible Ultra Music Festival was. It's so mind boggling how suddenly things occur. A week before the festival I had a conversation with my sister on how desperately I wanted to go to Ultra but how the prices were too expensive and I couldn't afford a ticket. And right there on the spot she tells me that she will split the ticket with my mom if I agree to only attend the second day, considering the 2-day pass is 120 bucks more. I couldn't comprehend how excited and at the same time shocked I was feeling that I was going to be joining my girlfriend and best friend at one of the biggest electronic music events in the world! My mood was especially high for the next week as I anticipated the event and when it finally came, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Then, the morning after the greatest day of my life, my three month relationship with the girl of my dreams came to an end as she says that she can't handle a relationship. We had an amazing time together at Ultra and the break up completely stunned me. The sudden change from one extreme to the next left me blank and my mind simply couldn't grasp what and why things were happening this way. It being the start of spring break, we agreed to not talk until the day before school starts again (which would be today). My two best friends and I were together pretty much 24/7 during the break and it helped eased the pain and keep my mind focused elsewhere, which I can't thank them enough for being there when I needed them the most. So now I have had some time to think about the past two weeks and today is the day when we are supposed to talk again and I have to say I am anxious. Life just throws so many curve balls your direction that I guess you can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather. Who knows what will happen next.....

I would like to add that I didn't plan on my blog being about relationship issues but rather on my ideas and philosophies of life. But this was on my mind and I needed to write about it.


aliqot said...

I guess you're keeping this away from your real life friends? It's sometimes easier to share stuff with strangers.
I expect you'll work your way through this one most effectively by writing it down.
I tend not to do 'advice on life' as it's impossible to live for another person. We all make mistakes, and we all have things that don't work out as we expected.
Not that that's much comfort at the time.
You write well. Keep at it.

Tyler said...
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Tyler said...

Sorry bro.

The best advice I can give you for your next relationship is not too care. I know that sounds terrible, but I had one relationship that I was in that I cared so much about the girl and I was really attached. When we broke up I was depressed for weeks, like at least a month. That's a while considering the relationship was a little over 3 months in High School.

Now I'm dating this girl who I really like, but try not to get too involved. You can appreciate someone without being 100% attached to them. We have our own lives. I see her about one or two times a week (due to busy lives) but our relationship is very simple. If she does something I don't like I might tell her about it, but if it's small I just let it go. No point in making a big fuss. Sure I would love to be in a relationship when both the people are attached, but I feel much safer when it isn't. I can let her go and not be depressed for months.Maybe eventually we will become more attached, but right now I'm just going with the flow.

I was going to yell at you for writing in a big paragraph until I realized I did it too. :P

Sayeema (kulness) said...

I will be visiting your blog, it seems very interesting. :D Well done!

Tyler said...

Oh I subscribed to your 2 blogs. Good stuff.

Ham said...

Awesome! Thanks for the support.