Monday, April 7, 2008

What Life Is All About

When I was younger I grew up in a christian church and that was all I knew. Up until I was fourteen I lived my life with restrictions and limitations; following the rules, or shall I say demands, that the church taught me. As I started getting older I ventured to different beliefs and discovered a more independent side of me, reading and researching things I didn't know were out there.

I am now what is considered an atheist to most people as I don't people believe in a creator. (Although, I hate being labeled into a category because of my personal beliefs.) Now, this is not to say I don't respect other peoples beliefs or religion because I feel that what works for them and what makes them happy, is what they should follow. I am still a spiritual person and I believe in spiritual experiences, but I have come to realize that I should follow what makes me happy and what improves my quality of life. Not necessarily doing whatever I want or feel like, because that can lead to dark places, as I have experienced already, but more like meditating and searching for the things that make me feel good.

Meeting new and interesting people and educating myself about other cultures and how people live is extremely interesting and it gives me a new perspective on life, instead of just believing one certain thing. Like, I don't really like the label "atheist" because most people assume that I don't believe in anything and I just roam the earth to die. That is not it all. I have researched and read many different religions and beliefs and I choose to follow whatever works for me. I believe some Buddhist teachings, and even some things in the bible, as well as meditation and so on.

My purpose in life, at the moment, is to improve my quality of life and to help others do the same. I do this by eating right and keeping my mind and body healthy, as well as gaining as much knowledge as possible and experiencing as many things as I can to grow as a person. I love learning about new things because it makes me feel like I have an advantage in life. Sort of like I can see where people are coming from and why they do certain things.

As I get older I want to travel to other places, meet as many people as possible and maybe, because I love to write, make a difference by sharing what I learn through writing. That is what I believe success is and when I pass I hope to feel satisfied.

"The purpose in life is not to live forever, but to create something that will."
I love that quote but I'm not sure who said it. That kind of sums up how I live my life and how I plan to continue living my life.


latifa said...

Hey you,

Love your blog.
So I do believe in a creator because I'm a muslim but I respect other people's religion and beliefs. You have to treat other people the way you would like the be treated. And Bob Dylan rocks ;D

Tyler said...

Our beliefs are similar and different. I am an Agnostic, because I don't know if there is a creator and since I don't understand everything, I can't possible decide (this is my own opinion).

You say you have a hard time writing an about me, yet your blog is entirely about you. You are pretty interesting.

None of this is meant to be an insult or sound defamatory. Nice writing.

Car said...

Thanks for finding me, your blog is interesting as well. I am infact a Chirstian, a choice I made myself without my parents, regardless of how I was brought up. I am like you though, I respect what other people believe, and I will not put anyone down for what they have found to be true. Most the time I find that coming together with people who believe the exact opposite of what I do can be the most beautiful thing of all.
I love what you think and say about life. I love that quote you put in this blog, even though I have no idea who said it either! haha A lot of the things your write, I think all the time. Life is such and adventure. I only hope we all can discover something new everyday...

Sayeema (kulness) said...

I believe in a creator, like someone who has also posted a comment, I am a muslim, so it is what my religieon (bad speller sorry!) believes! Keep blogging, your very good. :)

Ham said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback.
It's awesome to hear other peoples views on things.

Tyler said...

I did a follow-up to your blog. Check it out here.

Ashley said...

I love that quote!!
I think I fall under the term "agnostic" although I hate being put in a category too. I just try to live my life the best I can, while trying to help others improve their life.
Each and every person has such different views though.
To me, the only thing that matters is that we find our own truth and live it.

Suburbia said...

Hi Ham thanks for visiting. I vary between athiest and agnostic (is that possible?!) To live a good life I try to keep to moral values like respecting others etc. I don't think we need religion to do this. I have some great friends that are christian, prodistant and Catholic also I have some brilliant discussions with a Muslim guy I respect very much. They are all nice people. If only we could all respect each others beliefs the world would be so much better. Thats what I think anyay!!!